“For years I had stomach issues and after following Kara’s advice for one month these issues had practically disappeared, Kara helped find the root of the problem and was always supportive along the journey. My headaches/throat issues had practically resolved and my mindfulness towards eating has increased much more thanks to Kara. Kara is a good listener, willing to adapt to your preferences for the healing process. She is really supportive and I am so grateful to have met her, I would recommend Kara to anyone and everyone” AMP 


Kara Mia is simply the best! I had always slept well and then suddenly for the past year I started suffering from insomnia, waking up intermittently throughout the night and only getting a few hours sleep every night. Kara Mia has helped me overcome this in a matter of weeks through her recommended supplements based on my test with the Asyra machine. My energy levels are now insane! She is extremely knowledgeable and very kind so I always feel comfortable and her advice and recommendations are easy to follow through rather than putting you on some crazy regime! Thank you ❤️ – V.D. 2019


“After many years of feeling rundown with constant headaches and aches and pains, along with overpowering feelings of anxiety, following my initial consultation I felt an immediate change with how I was feeling, all the aches had disappeared, no more headaches and a feeling of calm had replaced the anxiety. I am very grateful to have been introduced to a new lifestyle and also have the change to discover more about the benefits of nutrition and how to eat correctly, along with the right types of supplements. I would certainly recommend her.”  I.A. 2019


“Both my daughter and I went to see Kara Mia in August and already both of us are feeling the benefits. My main symptoms were chronic fatigue from hypothyroidism and anxiety. After following Kara Mia’s supplement and food recommendations I am delighted to report that my energy levels are increasing and my anxiety is less intense.  My 10-year-old daughter has had eczema since she was a baby and now there is only one patch on her body compared with the many she used to have. We will both continue to follow Kara Mia’s advice as are very happy clients.”  G. W. 2019


“Kara Mia is so insightful, when I took my young son to get help with his allergies, she went above my expectations and advised the whole family helping me with meal plans, recipes and nutritional supplements. She enhanced my sons diet with extra supplements which have had an almost immediate effect on his daily struggles. I’m just so pleased to have met her she’s also made improvements with my health, after screening with Asyra,  giving me better energy levels to deal with my energetic toddler.”  E.S. 2018


“After years of suffering with chronic ME and trying every treatment possible,I finally came across Asyra Bio-resonance as a recommendation. Within 5minutes,Kara Mia got to the root cause of my illness, of which I was completely unaware. As a result of taking Kara Mia’s expert advice and following her prescribed treatment plan, I am completely ME free and restored back to 100% optimum health.L.P. 2017

“I had given up on the idea of ever getting better and honestly she has changed my life. I seemed to be in constant pain even doing day to day activities was difficult and uncomfortable. After doing the asyra with KM I have had next to no pain and my bowel movements have gone from once a week at best to pretty regular.”

“On top of this, I have found someone who I can talk to about anything and who calms me down in the worst of times.”

N.V. 2017

“I would say this: she is, without doubt, the most empathetic, personable and knowledgeable therapist I have ever worked with. We met in 2015 originally in her guise as colonic hydrotherapist, although it’s become clear Kara Mia’s talents extend well beyond this sphere. She has a vast knowledge on nutrition and holistic health which she shares freely during her sessions and she has gone above and beyond in her support, both practical and emotional, during the more challenging periods of my life.”

“Thank you Kara Mia, for all you’ve done with and for me, I feel blessed to know you.”

K.W. 2017

“I had been going to all sorts of doctors before Kara Mia and no-one seemed to understand my pain or take my problems seriously but Kara Mia really understood what I was going through and not only helped me with my physical distress but my mental outlook on life.”

“I would recommend her to anyone and everyone without a doubt she is the best thing that happened to me”

N.V. 2017

“Before I saw Kara Mia my digestion was sluggish, my libido was low and I just generally felt as though my body wasn’t working optimally. Literally after seeing Kara Mia and taking the supplements,and homeopathic remedies she gave me I feel totally renewed! Like a new person.”

“I absolutely cannot recommend her more highly.” 

G.R. 2017

“Since I met Kara Mia, which was a year ago, she identified the reasons behind my difficult digestion, bloated stomach,
constant low energy levels and more importantly, was able to address all those problems.With her constant support and care, she identifies the areas of your body that need some support and she gives you the right direction to get better.I can only thank her, and it will never be enough for how much wellness she brings to all of her client’s life.”

“I trust you and I will always do! keep bringing health to this busy world”

M.Q.S. 2016

“I wasn’t able to eat most things as I felt very sick, I had strong pains, digestion problems, spots,rashes and a very itchy skin.. I am now able to eat ‘normally’ and I feel in control of my life again.”

“Thanks so much Kara Mia – you have given me my life back!” 

M.M 2016

“I came to Kara Mia after months of living with a very angry rash. She used the Asyra analysisequipment and I followed a course of colonics, supplements and dietary changes. Within 6 weeks the rash had disappeared and I felt great. I have maintained many of the healthy practices put in place and have felt the best I have done in years.”

“Highly recommended for people who are ready to make her suggested changes” 

S.K. 2016

“Kara Mia discovered the root cause of stomach pain I had been enduring for 8+ years that a multitude of Doctors couldn’t identify. After 1 month on her recommended regime I feel no more pain.”

“I highly recommend her services” 

K.K. 2015

“Thank you so much for taking the time to run those amazing tests on me. I was blown away. It really nailed every aspect of my issues. “

“I really appreciate all the kindness and patience you have with me.” 

E.Y. 2015

“I have known Kara Mia for 3 years and have always found her a highly skilled and effective professional with a reassuring and encouraging manner.  Kara Mia also has an extensive knowledge of nutrition and has been very encouraging in helping me make some necessary changes to optimise my health and wellbeing.”

“I highly recommend Kara Mia, she is a must have in my life!”

J.B. 2014

“I had three colonic hydrotherapy treatments with Kara, about a year ago. I had never had one before, but her kind, bubbly demeanour put me entirely at ease. She is one of those wonderful people who instantly makes you feel like you can trust her and as if you’ve known each other for years! 

The treatment itself was fine. It was not unpleasant, and Kara was constantly explaining what was happening which I was vey thankful for. The effects however have been wonderful. Immediately after each treatment, I felt lighter and less bloated. It’s the long-term effects that have really convinced me of the efficacy of colonics though. I have suffered from IBS for years, symptoms ranging from manageable to debilitating. Kara gave me some nutrition tips that I had never gotten from any doctor. A few months after the treatment, and following Kara’s small adjustments to my diet, my symptoms had diminished so greatly, I actually didn’t feel like I had a problem anymore. What is more, all the bloat I have been carrying around is pretty much gone. It is very noticeable, to the extent where friends and colleagues comment on how much slimmer I look. (I’d like to point out that I haven’t actually lost any weight, merely bloat).”

“I would recommend anyone looking to get a colonic, to book one with Kara.With her wealth of knowledge of nutrition, her wonderful demeanour, and passion for her job, I couldn’t imagine seeing anyone else.”

CR, 2014

“I would recommend anyone looking to get a colonic, to book one with Kara. With her wealth of knowledge of nutrition, her wonderful demeanour, and passion for her job.”

“I couldn’t imagine seeing anyone else.”

CR, 2014

“I am delighted with my treatment and with all of the advice given by Kara Mia. I couldn’t have more sound, reliable and knowledgeable advice on all matters health, lifestyle and well being.”

V.N. 2014

“Kara Mia has been the best alternative healthcare professional I have ever come across. She has helped me to manage severe clinical depression and OCD’s through a variety of alternative therapies including homeopathy and lifestyle changes. My depression was diagnosed 15 years ago and its only the last 2 years since meeting her that its been under control. I can now leave the house happy and without incident each morning as she helped me conquer my OCD habits. She has always made herself available to help me through any physical or mental health problems. My physical health has improved vastly since I began seeing her 2 years ago. I used to regularly get colds, however I now no longer suffer from that.”

“She is caring, kind and has an excellent bedside manner! ”

 N.F. 2013

“I embarked on my Asyra experience at a very stressful and difficult time of my life, and was initially very sceptical that the machine would be able to make a difference. Despite this I cannot deny the accuracy with which it picked up on my issues, both physical and mental/emotional and the astounding difference made after 4 weeks of drops, and changes in my supplements and lifestyle it prescribed to me.”  

M.C.T. 2013

“I wanted to thank you a million times for your help getting rid of the elicobactere (sic) that I’ve been having for the last 5 years. Before starting the consultations with you I really thought I would never be able to get it out of my stomach, as the doctors and professionals that I’ve consulted before made it worse…The Asyra Pro machine is really an amazing invention and I would definitely recommend it.”

“Thank you so so much for your precious help.”

M.B. 2012

“Thank you so much for your help. I have been suffering from depression for some time and your remedy had an immediate positive effect. I was surprised at how quickly my mood has improved and also the lasting effect.”

“I am definitely a homeopathy fan now!”

D.M. 2012

“I have been suffering from PCOS for about 7 years now and I have been through the traditional roots of going to doctors and hospitals that specialize in gynaecological problems but all of which made little or no difference at all. I have struggled with weight gain, self confidence and lack of a menstrual cycle, I was at a point where I thought there was no hope. … Kara Mia’s help has brought me forward more then any conventional doctor or medical profession has. I will continue to work with her to achieve more positive results and hopefully maintain a regular menstrual cycle for the future.On my journey with Kara Mia I have been able to deal with certain problems that I have had in my life and realizing that there are still some issues unresolved. Kara Mia’s ability to gage what remedy I needed to help me though was amazing! She was able to jump start my periods for a couple of months and now were working on getting my body in tune and balance”

C.R. 2011