After many years of feeling rundown with constant headaches and aches and pains, along with overpowering feelings of anxiety, following my initial consultation I felt an immediate change with how I was feeling, all the aches had disappeared, no more headaches and a feeling of calm had replaced the anxiety. I am very grateful to have been introduced to a new lifestyle and also have the change to discover more about the benefits of nutrition and how to eat correctly, along with the right types of supplements. I would certainly recommend her.”
Kara Mia is simply the best! I had always slept well and then suddenly for the past year I started suffering from insomnia, waking up intermittently throughout the night and only getting a few hours sleep every night. Kara Mia has helped me overcome this in a matter of weeks through her recommended supplements based on my test with the Asyra machine. My energy levels are now insane! She is extremely knowledgeable and very kind so I always feel comfortable and her advice and recommendations are easy to follow through rather than putting you on some crazy regime! Thank you <3

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