"Spent a lovely afternoon with @kara.mia.vernon 💖 My friends know how much I love to workout, as often as possible (probably too often 😆) but during these uncertain times, taking care of our minds as well as bodies is so important. Kara Mia has guided me with her wonderful #hypnotherapy technique, to help me better understand how to access the subconscious, which I have never done before in my life. I cannot thank her enough. I feel very grateful to know someone so kind and insightful "
"Today I experienced such a breakthrough therapy with Kara Mia, she performed a hypnotherapy with me. Kara Mia spent dedicated time talking to me and understanding a subject we could work on together with her hypnotherapy skills. We discussed at length and she then proceeded to explain to me in great detail the procedure making me feel very comfortable and at ease. He voice was soothing and understanding I was taken into a mediative state and we focused on a technique called ‘Anchoring’ A technique I will be able to use in the future, I felt so happy after this experience and find her a remarkable woman who see’s beyond and feel’s beyond and this is why she is able to emphasise with her clients on the level she does. I would recommend her therapies to both men and woman and children her work is very powerful."
Kara Mia is fantastic! A holistic approach to her clients health needs and a well-being specialist - l can recommend her services fully. She has beautiful energy and is extremely knowledgeable. My hypnotherapy session was really transformative and l have found her supplement advice invaluable
Just wow! I have been struggling to touch water since I was a child, I didn't like the feel of water on my skin, until a week ago. Kara Mia helped me overcoming my fear and tought me very useful techniques I can use anytime I feel any discomfort. Thank you
Hi was literally drowning caring for my dad with MND and mum with dementia and Karamia threw me an 'anchor'. She has an amazing gift. I had a session of hypnotherapy (and it won't be my last). I know go to my 'happy place' when things are getting too much. I have further recommended her to friends, colleagues and family. I know one friend has reached out and had similar success G.B
I was I’ll at ease when I came to Kara, following a domestic breakup. It was my first time with Hypnosis and, while I trusted its outcome, it seemed at odds with my usual comfort from being in control. I was wrong. Kara has a mellifluous manner . The session was liquid and even. Since, I have been calmer inside. Unconsciously, I want to be truer to myself than “the rules”. My features feel more balanced , like a systems upgrade! 5 star experience and highly recommended!!

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