A well-balanced diet is the foundation for human health.

Whilst the government purports the necessity of “5 a day”, the reality of getting this much fruit and veg in their daily diet is beyond many people. With everyone from McDonalds to Coca Cola giving their interpretation of “Anti-Oxidants” and “Omega fats” it is no wonder that many people are confused as to what constitutes a healthy diet.

With a diploma in Nutrition, and my years of experience in helping people achieve steps towards a more vitality, I can offer some real advice and assistance with achieving a healthier diet. Some things to keep in mind are that you will most likely be advised to take some good quality vitamins and minerals. Quality supplements are recognised by the body, reduced price ones that often are just expelled without being absorbed.

There are also targeted diets that can be discussed, those that help with Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes type 2), Weight Loss, Migraines, IBS, ME, and other conditions.
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Fermented foods feed your all important gut biome!