Your life is a direct result of your thoughts.  Period.  The rain to the bride is a disaster, but to the farmer it’s a god-send. The rain is still just rain.  It’s how we perceive the world around us, respond to events, triggers, stress, life.  

I’ve met hundreds of clients who’s diets are fantastic, their exercise regime put mine to shame, and yet, they are not living their best life because they are trapped with overwhelming thoughts of anxiety, patterns of negative thinking, beliefs and behaviours that persist even though they no longer serve them.

I’ve met many clients that *know* they should meditate but don’t believe that they can, many clients that *want* to follow a better diet but somehow sabotage themselves due to a disordered relationship to food. , and even more clients who find themselves repeating patterns that they know do not serve them, but are helpless in changing them.

Here’s where Hypnotherapy can be a life saver.

During a state of trance, the conscious and subconscious mind are linked up in a way that is very powerful. You go into this trance state all the time; when brushing your teeth, driving a familiar route or even daydreaming. 

A Hypnotherapy session is customized for you, and together we can explore the ways that you wish to live your best life.

Perhaps during these uncertain times, you wish to address fear of the future or worry.  

Or perhaps you wish  to finally address some of the deeper patterns of behaviour in your life that you wish to change.

I am offering Hypnotherapy via Skype or Zoom for the introductory rate of £50.00 per session. 

Get in touch if you have further questions…


Trained in a number of healing methods  ‘Approaching health from the three important aspects of mind, body and spirit is very important as health is not merely physical. I combine Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Energetic training with the latest in bio-resonance health screening technology to reduce the time-consuming element of trial and error, which so often can be a part of health treatment.’ She attests to the ‘empowering’ ability of ‘alternative therapies… to make a significant difference to one’s quality of life.’  

If the Marchioness of Bath’s radiant glow is anything to go by, Kara Mia just might be onto something.


I am offering Hypnotherapy via Skype or Zoom for the introductory rate of £65.00 per session. Sessions can last up to one hour.

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