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Homeostasis: The tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

Why should you care about the above word? Well, essentially it means balance, and a balanced system can heal itself. As a Naturopath, I believe that by the time a disease process shows up, it’s already a physical process. Hopefully you can catch it early enough, but symptoms show up usually long after the horse has left the barn.What if there was a way to look at the body/mind/spirit BEFORE the NHS could find it? What if there was a way to ask questions, in real time, to your body and find out what it needs in order for it to function at it’s best?

Well, we can thank the Germans for asking this question back in the 1950’s and their answer was “Bio-Resonance”. They had the idea of asking a physical system using frequencies as an interface. It was looking for similar information akin to any electrical system – does this frequency provide capacitance and resistance? In other words – flow or stop. Function or Dysfunction. Health or Disease.

It’s pretty hard to explain how it works, however, I don’t know how my Smartphone works, but that hasn’t stopped me using it. Further to that, we sill don’t know how gravity works, but stuff keeps hitting the ground regardless.

I liken the Asyra to a Lie Detector. It tests thousands of frequencies safely and at speed looking for the answer to one simple question. “What makes me better?” What supplement, herb, vitamin, mineral, thought, emotion, plant, animal, pattern, wave, frequency, remedy, drug, etc etc brings my body/mind/energy system back to balance? Essentially, it’s looking for the state of “Homeostasis” with the idea that if you give the right tools to the system, then it can fix itself.

Ultimately, your body knows what’s best for you. These days you generally have a choice of having expensive Functional Medicine Tests, or seeing your Doctor for 10 mins when things show up (too late!) and get a drug that doesn’t deal with the problem, but just silences the symptom. Akin to taking out the brake light warning rather than focussing on fixing the brakes.

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