Article Is Detox Just Hype



In my opinion the answer is both yes and no. These days no sooner has the tree come down, then the Detox PR machine is up and running. Consumers are barraged by products that purport to conveniently erase all Christmas wrong-doings in the shape of a pill or ‘green juice’ with the added bonus of restored youth etc.

“To good to be true?”…pretty much. The word “detox” has been borrowed from the medical industry and now is over-used and misunderstood. The nay-sayers scoff and tell us that we are perfectly able to deal with all that life throws at us without the need to resort to colonic irrigation or kale smoothies.

As a Naturopath and Nutritionist (as well as other modalities), I’m not so sure. How well you detox is down to numerous things –

  • The genes you were born with, how your lifestyle has affected those very genes (are you one of the estimated 50% of the population with the gene that inhibits your body’s ability to process toxins?)
  • Your current level of vital nutrients that are required by the body for the detoxification process.
  • What products you use on your body and hair, where you live (and country folk are exposed more to airborne pesticides)
  • Your stress levels, and how you manage it (meditation vs. G&T)
  • What you drink, eat, and who makes it (let me be the first to mention PAMPs, you’ll hear more of this in several years time, no doubt a cookbook is due)
  • The chemicals embedded in your dry-cleaning, the fabric softener, the air fresheners (please stop)
  • Which water do you drink? Tap vs. Bottled. – Evian isn’t the safe option.

So, as you can see by the nowhere near exhaustive list above, there is a lot to consider.

Every day you are asking your liver to process chemicals that have been invented within the last 100, 50 or even 5 years. As humans, our livers have not changed for well over 100,000 years. Are they up to the job? Maybe, maybe not. Cancer rates have skyrocketed, allergies in adults and children abound, auto-immune disease has risen sharply, as have mental health issues.

We are all living in a great big collective experiment on the human condition. My personal experience is that many clients do benefit from detoxing and feel improvement from colonics and supplements. If you have more questions on how you personally could benefit by taking on a cleaning programme, you are welcome to get in touch.

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